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Cambodia is a country that enjoyed fame and prosperity in the great Angkor era recognized across Southeast Asia. In terms of religious beliefs and their economy, Khmer people of ancient times can be seen to have left behind a rich heritage of numerous famous temples, including Angkor Wat, Bayon, Bakheng, Banteay Srey, and Preavihear temples, which are full of the most fascinating artistic decorations in the world. But these many cultural sites have been damaged by civil war over many centuries.
CCA A National Member of WACS

Our Vision

Create a Platform for all Professional and Junior Cambodia Chefs to uplift their culinary standards and at the same time promote Khmer Cuisine internationally, gaining world recognition.

Our Objective

Need full support from all Cambodian Chefs. To Create a name for Cambodia chrf's Association internationally. Invite international well known chefs to share their experience - Every 3 months. Monthly presentation from board of directors of CCA. Need full support form all suppliers. to support young chefs to have a better job opportunities. Open duscussion with all chefs to forther support.

Our Mission

Promote Khmer cuisine to the world. Develop young generation of Cambodia's Chefs. Promote our Cambodia destination, ensuring that we have enough professional chesf to serve the food which is up to international standards. Enforce training so Cambodia's chefs match international culinary standards. Assist the less fortunate chefs to gain career opportunities.

Our Goal

To complete in local and international chef's competitions. To expose our chefs to the culinary competitions internationally. To create culinary competition in Cambodia. To help local communities wtih charity ecents. Assist with the governemnt's goal of reducing poor labor conditions and improving living standards.

Padding Activities 2013

Five chefs will attend Pattaya City Culinary Cup form 08-10 August 2013. Five Chefs attending Malaysia Mekong Food Promotion from July-August 2013. Five young chefs, 2 chefs form Siem Reap and 3 chefs from Phnom Penh, will participation in the South Korea food competition in November 2013.

Padding Activities 2014 - 2015

March 2014 - 3 competitors / 2nd Thailand Culinary World Cup 2014. April 2014 - Sending observer to Food Hotel Asia / Singapore. May 2014 - 6 competitors compete in Thaifex 2014. July 2014 - 5 competitors compete in Pattaya City Culinary Cup 2014. October 2014 - World charity event in Siem Reap involving 20 country chefs (20 October 2014 - Conjunction with world international chefs day). Nov 2014 - Sending observer to World Cup in Luxemburg. Feb 2015 - 1st CCA All of Cambodia Chefs Forum in Siem Reap. March 2015 - 3 competitors / 3rd Thailand Culinary World Cup 2015. May 2015 - 10 competitors compete. July 2015 - 10 competitors compete in Pattaya City Culinary Cup 2015. Haifex 2015.

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