The meet of Cambodia chef's association
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CCA Meeting

General Overview

As Cambodia is rich in resources, natural, historical as well as cultural, there is no reason why the number of visitors should increase beyond above figures. The government is preparing to intergrate our country into the asian standards for careers in hospitality management, this makes it vital for us to strngthen our human resources to be competitive and this applies in particular to kitchen skills. All of us in the hospitality industry wish to share our professional skills with the young, up-and-coming feneration to help them, as well as our country, to develop.

Chef Willment Leong first visited his old colleague Mr. Hai Vuthy in March 2012 at which time chef Hai Vuthy introduced to Mr. Chan Sophea, Food & Beverage Manager at the Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa. Alengthy talk ensured, focusing about the situation in Siem Reap in gerneral and the tourism growth and expectatioons in particular. As per his advice, we decided to invite Chef Bora, Chef Ving San, Mr. Panyathon, Mr. Eglack and Mr. Samnang to join the discussion.

Our CCA Member

Curently with 70 Chefs from 25 hotels and restaurants in Siem Reap.

Each full time CCA's member, from cook helper to Sous Chef, contribites $60.00 per year.

Each full time CCA's member in the position of Executive fhef or Food & Beverage Manager contributes $120.00 per year.

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