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It is with a great pleasure that I welcome you all to the 2nd Thailand Ultimate Chefs Challenge. It was an honor and pleasure to attend the first edition of this competition last year in Bangkok where we witnessed professional high standard competitions from the first day. We look forward to seeing this competition develop into an international competition with teams from all over the world. It has all the potential to become one of the major culinary competitions in the world.

I congratulate the organizers of this competition and THAIFEX for the passion and love for food. Your help allows our industry to reach higher standards every year. I also congratulate all the competitors: You are the true future of our profession and I look forward to seeing you flourish and continue competing around the world.
Cambodia Chef's Club Member
Chef: Mr. Hai Vuthy
Currently Executive Chef at the Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa, Vuthy set out on the culinary path in 1988.

Vuthy worked his way up the hard way, starting as a Cook Helper at the Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor. There were no culinary schools at the time he started working and he learned his skills by working hard under a variety of some of the best Chefs from Singapore, Malaysia, Germany and France.

Vuthy hails from the Cambodian countryside and has fond memories of cooking with his mother, learning the secrets of the Khmer rural cuisine, a cuisine that is both simple and delicate, making use of the various spices and herbs that the surrounding fields would provide.

Whilst still a big fan of Khmer cooking, Vuthy has also developed a passion for Western food as well as dishes from neighboring Asian countries. Though for Vuthy nothing beats the way his mother prepares traditional Khmer food.
Chef: Mr. Ving San
Currently Executive Chef in Angkor Palace Resort & Spa (Siem Reap Angkor).

San’s specialty is “Royal Khmer Cuisine” and Chinese Food. Royal Khmer Cuisine is the essence of exquisite taste and its gastronomical secrets can be discovered at the Grand Soluxe Angkor Palace Resort and Spa. Ving San brings out some of the best flavors of the region.

San started his career in 1992 and worked at such well-known hotels as the Sofitel Cambodiana Hotel Phnom Penh, Raffle Hotel Le Royal, Sofitel Royal Angkor Hotel and Grand Soluxe Angkor Palace Resort & Spa.

In 1998 he attended cross training at the Raffle Hotel in Singapore for a year. This, along many years of an illustrious career, developed his skills in combining ancient Royal Khmer cuisine with modern Asian fusion.

Apart from cooking, San is also a keen table tennis player, though less competitive, than in the kitchen.

Chef: Mr. Long Bora
I believe that cooking is one of life’s great pleasures and that it can fit comfortably into the life style of everyone, even the busiest person. The worlds of home cooking and active working life need not be mutually exclusive.

Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed of being a cook. At the age of twenty one I used to be a stewarding for three months and then transferred to be a cook helper in the Hotel Sofitel Cambodiana in year 1991 to 1992. In 1992 to 1995, I have moved to Cafe No Problem (French Restaurant).

1995-1998 I worked as Assistance Chef at Hotel & Restaurant La Paillote also Classic French Restaurant. 1998-2003 I have a chance to work for Raffle Hotel Le Royal as Junior Sous Chef and I have completed a four month on the job training attachment at Raffles Hotel, Singapore. 2003-2008, I have moved my family to stay in Siem Reap, serving as Executive Sous Chef and promoted to Executive Chef at Angkor Century Resort & Spa.

Until today, I’m an Executive Chef at Ree Hotel, during this period; I have led the Cambodian Chef cooperative with Chef Ving San from Grand Soluxe Angkor Palace Resort & Spa; Chef Rin Ream team leader from Grand Soluxe Angkor Palace Resort & Spa, Chef Huor Sopheak, assistant from Ree Hotel, Chef Sok Phirum, from Ree Hotel, Chef Leng Song from Ree Hotel and Chef Van Soly from Miracle Angkor Resort & Spa to do Indochina Food Promotion in Malaysia 4th -30th July 2011 at Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort. 1st-29th August 2011 at Grand Margherita Hotel Year 2012.

I have led the Cambodian Chef cooperative with Chef Rin Ream from Grand Soluxe Angkor, Chef Tit Saroeun team leader, from Victoria Angkor, Chef Sok Phirum assistant, from Ree Hotel, Chef Phaing Sophai from Grand Soluxe Angkor, Chef Sok Vichet from Grand Soluxe Angkor, Chef Mut Bunra from Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa to do The Mekong Food Promotion in Malaysia 21st-July 2012 to 18th August 2012 at Grand Margherita Hotel Year 2012.
Mr. Sie Panyathon
I consider myself as a hardworking and ambitious person. With my best experience in hotel industry up to date is 20 year, being career as Back Service Runner in year 1992 till current post as Executive Assistant Manager in 5th Star hotel and resort property. A major part of my life, and so I spend most of the day to find way how to provide best service to all client and people around me for their time enjoyable when they arrived at our door step business or in personal.

I am basically a simple, adjusting and fun loving person, whom others consider as sincere and friendly too. But they also consider me as modest, mentor and I don’t know whether I am all this.

Every day I’m keeping learned and learning new about my career challenges and sharing forwards. I am always trying to help people in need even when I know they won't appreciate it, I can't help it. I am strong minded, I am a good listener.
Mr. Chan Sophea
Sophea is Food and Beverage Manager at Victoria Hotel Angkor Resort & Spa since 2007. Victoria Angkor is part of the Victoria Hotels and Resorts groups which counts 6 hotels in Vietnam and Cambodia under the management of Victoria Vietnam Group, a former French company recently taken over by the Thien Minh Group, a Vietnamese Travel & Hospitality Group with global ambitions. He started his career in the hotel industry in 2000 as a Coconut vendor and Poolside Bar waiter at Raffle Grand Hotel d’Angkor. He then moved to another restaurant called FCC and to the Grand Soluxe Angkor Palace Resort & Spa.

Sophea always works very hard and he likes to always learn new things. In 2006, he graduated from Build Bright University and obtained a Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Based on his strong student results, the School Director decided to select him as a lecturer at the Tourism Faculty - Build Bright University (Siem Reap Campus), right after his graduation. Sophea’s ambition however never stopped and he pursed studies to be graduated from an MBA in General Management and completed this course in 2009.

In 2010, Sophea has started his own small business. He imported Juice products from Cyprus to Siem Reap. In 2012 the range of products got wider with pasta, olive oil, cereals. To expand his business, his wife, former Director of Sales in the hotel industry, joined him in this business.

Recently Sophea had the opportunity to attend the program of Management for Executive of Thien Minh Group, in co-operation with CFVG/European Excellence in Management Education. This Mini MBA is a one-year program and takes place in 2013 – 2014.

Sophea has also developed a strong passion for Cambodian Chefs. He is one of the co-founders of Cambodia Chef Association. In August 2012, he brought five Chefs from Siem Reap to a Seafood competition. For its first participation to the Pattay City Culinary Cup, the CCA came home with a Silver Medal.

Based on his performance on daily operational duties, his director decided to send him to Viet Nam to work at Victoria Hoi An for two months in September and October 2012. The goal was to give him more experience in different style of cultural management.

His General Manager Mr. Hanno Stamm (General Manager of Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa) and Ms. Tania Koesten (Deputy Managing Director of VVG) saw his potential once he had completed his task as a Room Division Manager at Victoria Hoi An. They gave him a new mission at Victoria Chau Doc in Vietnam from January 2013 to January 2014. He currently works there as Executive Assistant Manager and takes good care of two properties: The Victoria Chau Doc Hotel (92 rooms) and the Victoria Lodge (40 rooms to be opened in October 2013).

Apart from his work, Sophea enjoys to have fun with his friends and to read new worldwide leading books. He also is a sportsperson and regularly goes for a football game, some cycling or running.
Mr. Koun Samnang
Currently Assistant Food & Beverage Manager in Victoria Angkor Hotel Resort & Spa, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia. To manage and in charge all operations consist of 5 Outlets of Food and Beverage Service and Coordinated with Kitchen.

Samnang has worked in a variety of hotels for 14 years, rising from rank-and-file staff to his current position of Assistant Food and Beverage Manager. During that time he has experienced a variety of operations and worked with people of numerous backgrounds and nationalities. He does believe that this experience could be an important contribution to the Cambodian Chef Association (CCA).

Initially, Samnang found it quite hard as he did not know much about computer. He concentrated on learning as much as he could to move on to his desired professional as a design and work well at admiration field. He gained more experience at the Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa. To search something new indicated to skills and to create ideas to team spirit. He had attended many vocational training courses and work shop in varieties of hotels and some other organizations.

Another dedicated sportsman, Samnang likes to run and cycle in free time.

Chef: Mr. Born Englak
I love life! From a day to day is a new experience! I love to help others and enjoy laughing and watching others have a good time! I am a very honest person, who will bust his butt to achieve goals in life! I am very into nature and will pull over on the side of the road to move a turtle so it doesn't get run over.

I can introduce my self to all kinds of weather  (except when it is over my dream) I don't like watching people get hurt and I will defend people that can't defend themselves! I don't like people who lie or are high and mighty! People who purposely hurt others are scum and should be put away forever! But for the most part I am a content person who believes that we should all stop and enjoy life when ever we can because, we are only here a short time and letting life slip by without enjoying it is a waste!

I had gone through a hard life time during war-time when I'm just turn to about 7 or 8year old and until country get a quite stable and have a chance go to the school I started my English, learning from the basic and become a English teacher in year 1990, in year 1992 I decide to looking for a job, which I feel it can easy earn more money then be a teacher !

Year 1992 Sofitel Camboiana Hotel is the 1st place of growth up my hospitality career; start a post as Waiter of Room Service from there with my work experience and self-confident I had move up my position forwards with international and local brand hotel as; Intercontinental Hotel, Raffles Grand Hotel, Sokha Beach Hotel, Empress Angkor Hotel and Royal Angkor Resort my last position is Director of Food & Beverage.

And up to date I am a Vice-President of one big wine supply in Cambodia call " La Cave ". go along life experience I always thinking one day I will become a own business. I could go on and on but you get the idea of how I am! Best Regards, Born Englak
Chef: Mr. Men Chamnan
Currently Executive Chef in Borei Angkor Resort & Spa (Siem Reap Angkor).

Chamnan MEN specialty is “Royal Khmer Cuisine” and Western Food. Royal Khmer Cuisine is the dream taste never forget and always want to be make the best food in his career, he did a lot of catering at the temples, he always made the clients happy with our quality food & service

Chamnan MEN started work in the cook 1996 and worked so many Hotels that he did it like Alson Hotel in Phnom Penh, Inter-Continental Hotel in Phnom Penh, Raffle Hotel Le Royal in Phnom Penh & now he worked in Borei Angkor Resort & Spa for 10years (Siem Reap Angkor)

In 2001 I attended cross training the Raffle Hotel & Mechencote Hotel in Singapore for a year. From his career, he will be developed & do the great of Royal Khmer Cuisine in Asia

From the part of work in food career, always like other skill like football.
Cambodia Chef Association
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